My job? Make YOU look good!

It’s my job to make YOU look good. No matter what project you’re working on, I can help you tell your story and have an impact.  Plus…you’ll enjoy the process and have a lot of fun along the way.   Give me a call when you’re to ready to talk OR if you’re in Meridian, stop by.  The coffee (K-Cups) is always hot and I’m ready to get started on your project.

Clarity Means Everything

Visual design tools and software have become cost-effective and available to anyone.  However, tools are only effective when they are backed up by great ideas.

It doesn’t matter how good your tools happen to be.  Can those tools create visuals that sell products, move people to action,  or change the way an audience thinks and feels?

At, you’ll find ideas developed over 30 years in television, video, web and print design; IDEAS to help YOU reach your goal; IDEAS that deliver your message with impact and clarity.


International Television
Association Silver and Bronze Awards
Idaho Film and Video Association
Nell Shipman Award
Idaho Press Club
Best Commercial Under $1500
Idaho Press Club
Best Public Service Announcement
Law Enforcement Video Association
Numerous Awards

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