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Important Questions About Your Project

Question 1A

WIX and other companies will tell you they are free.  They aren’t.

Your time is not free.  The HOURS you spend figuring out their software and systems are not free.

The farther you progress into your project, more costs will appear. 

When you decide to grow or leave, you will find you don’t own your domain, content or assets. You will pay if you want to take them with you.

Question 2A

With the tools and software available today, it’s easy to be cool and clever.

Your goal is to sell products, increase orders, make the phone ring.

Your goal is also to tell your story, change the way people feel and change their minds.

No matter what your site looks like, It’s important to make sure your message is clear.

Question 3a

Before ANY work starts, we will work on a package price that fits YOUR budget.

Getting the final bill at the end can be painful. This is not a time for surprises.

You should know the full price, payment arrangements and completion dates up front.

Don’t pay an hourly fee for someone’s learning and experimenting time.

My Process:

Listen. Design. Refine. Deliver.

I begin by LISTENING carefully to you and your ideas. I need to understand the things that are important to you.

Based on the time spent listening to you, I will design a product that tells your story with impact and clarity.

Working together, you and I will make the final adjustments to  polish and complete your product

Finally… I deliver your product.  It will be what you need, on time and at the cost I promised.

Want to see more?  Take a look at the work.

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